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John Tenza's resumé

• Obtained Michigan real estate License February, 1979

• Earned the CRS, CRB and GRI designations

• Approved instructor for Continuing Education credits in 4 States

• 36 years of high level success in the real estate business as a top producing agent, manager, broker of multiple offices, investor, author, trainer, speaker and office turnaround specialist... and results success coach.

• Personally door knocked on over 20,000 homes (below freezing, in the rain and even on sunny days to obtain listings and teach other agents how to work fsbo's and secure expired listings throughout Canada and the USA.)

• Took the lowest ranking Century 21 Downriver office to number 1 in just six months when interest rates were 16-18% in the early 1980's.

• Personally lead a complete turnaround of a consistently non-productive office (Managing The Michigan Group in Ann Arbor) 1988 and training their other branch offices to profitability and INK 100 rating within 1 year

• Lead Re/Max Platinum from disaster in 2007-8 when Livingston County only had 17% traditional sales. Went from 29 sales a month to averaging 217 sales a month, boosted office moral and created a productive work force by teaching my Flying Tigers and Coaching agents to higher levels of success in spite of the down market and short sales.

• Opening Keynoter for Professional Speaker Schools

• Closing Keynote for Speakers Academy

• Presents programs on professional use of props incorporated into a better learning experience to enhance the retention and results to National Speakers Chapters and Meet the Pro's at the National Convention

• Featured speaker at Realtor State Conventions (4 times for MAR)

• Featured speaker 6 Times at the Century 21 Global Conference

• Featured speaker at Coldwell Banker, Better Homes and Gardens, Re/Max & Realty World Conventions

• Featured speaker at Insurance Conventions

• Featured Speaker at Real Estate Franchise rallies across the USA

• Featured speaker at College Retreats for Educators

• Featured speaker at numerous Women's Council of Realtors Functions

• Past President of National Speakers Association- Michigan Chapter

• Past National Chair of the Professional Experts Sales Trainers- National Speakers Association

• Cross county speaking tours in Canada with Coldwell Banker (resulting in the highest growth in history of company)

• Featured speaker for the Atlantic Canada GMAC Real Estate Conference

• Cross county speaking tours for Canada Trust

• Featured presenter for the Real Estate Alliance

• Featured speaker at the world's largest RELO conference

• University of Michigan- Five years focus on Psychology and Business

• Certified Neuro-Code Specialist

• Expert on Communication and Influence

Real Estate Courses created and taught by John Tenza throughout Canada and America:

• Flying Tigers Real Estate Listing and Sales Mastery. 6 days of extended learning sales program of dynamic language building skills. Giving exceptional buyer and seller presentations with integrity, commitment and a Results focus. Delivering on client service and exceeding expectations. Prospecting using good old fashioned strategies along with social media and technology . Converting Internet leads. Working in multiple offer situations. Business report card and advanced negotiating.

• List and Grow Rich. 4 day program using the proven 12 Point Listing Strategies and the 4 Factors that impact marketing properties in any market

• One Step Beyond. 2 day program on Mastering Effective Communication

• Sell and Grow Rich. 2 day program on working smarter and negotiating better with buyers

• Power Recruiting Academy. 5 day intensive for Brokers and Managers so they are more influential when recruiting and retaining agents.

• Managing for Results! 2 day Broker and Manager program to quickly turn the office production and profitability around.

• New for 2016... John Tenza's Proven Results Listing and Marketing System. 2 day listing intensive workshop with lots of interactive learning.

• Co-author Published Book "The Better Bottom Line" with business experts

• Author of the "RESULTS" professional listing manual

John has helped agents, corporate offices, and home-buyers with tremendous results.

I recently experienced John Tenza's Flying Tigers course. Our group was made up of active agents who have been in real estate for some time.

Based on our real time, real life experiences; we asked, we challenged, we prodded, and we pushed back at John's techniques, dialogs and responses. Noting John's mild surprise at our intensity, I told him...
"John, if you are wondering why I/we are tough on you---It's because you have the answers!"

It's true- FINALLY an instructor with real answers beyond a course outline that are useful and usable right now- today!

Take John Tenza's course and coaching. You will be glad you did.


Associate Broker, Advantage Realty

Flying Tigers was thoroughly enjoyable and very worthwhile! Thank you very much!


over $100 Million in Sales in 2015
and over $1 Billion in career sales
John's program taught me ways to better connect with sellers that I have been able to implement into my everyday business and grow my listing inventory!


2016 President of the
Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors
As a new Realtor, I found Flying Tigers to be invaluable! I gained the confidence and ability to handle unfamiliar situations. After just one class, I was able to give such an effective and powerful listing presentation that the seller chose me over a very experienced top-producing agent!


brand new agent

John, thank you for bringing your energy and 'can do' spirit to our company. Since you began training our sales volume has hit a 20-year company record! And, several individuals have achieved personal best records! These are the fruits of your labor.


The Flying Tigers, as taught by John Tenza, is the BEST training I have EVER attended. I have already earned an additional $100,000 because of this program!


This was the most fascinating, enlightening and informative program I have ever been exposed to. I plan to use what I have learned not only to expand my real estate career, but also my daily life!



John can really motivate people to become Number 1! He is very energetic and extremely knowledgeable about the real estate business and about humanity.

Karen Malnar

This has truly been a fabulous course! Your knowledge...and your humor helped us all learn very effectively. You simply could have not done a better job. You far exceed all other speakers I have heard!”

Olivia Samuels

John has a very unique presentation. He is dynamic, genuine, realistic, convincing, and entertaining. He seems to have a way to get the best out of people. He is fantastic!


Excellent coaching session yesterday; I can tell by how much time I spent out of my comfort zone. I especially appreciated having the chance to observe you as a coach. Your specific ability to point out challenges and places to improve for the entire team, as well as your support was laudable.


John has proven over and over again how valuable his coaching and teaching is for me and my pursuit of my Real Estate Career. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants to achieve excellence in their career. He gives valuable advice and direction in overcoming your fears and challenges and inspires you to step out of your comfort zone. His guidance has been and will continue to be my cornerstone aid in challenging myself to become the best and most knowledgeable Realtor I can be to succeed.


Flying Tigers is an essential program for rookie agents and for top agents alike. John helped me discover how to stand out from my competition by implementing his unique communication and customer service approach. It's true! . . . YOU WIN when you get John as your instructor and coach.







Here are just a few reasons why you want to put JOHN TENZA to work for you as your personal success trainer and Results Coach!

John has been there... and done that... SUCCESSFULLY on every level.

He is a Creator, and master Communicator with a Results focus.

John has failed forward in his quest to find out what works, why it works and how to customize it, so that you can do it at higher levels of success.

You are different. You want to get better. You are in the right place.

Nobody can notice what's missing and how to fix it better for you than Results Coach John can.

Seriously, with over 1,000 professional speaking presentations across North America, John is known as a high-content, relevant and inspiring speaker who leverages real street experience and learning into results that count!

And, as an award winning manager and multiple office owner, John Tenza discovered from taking action... the principles of success that work in any market.  

He knows firsthand what it takes to successfully lead others to greater Results in any market.

Because of John's consistent success track record, he has been hired numerous times to quickly turn-around real estate companies, make them competitive, and consistently break long term company records.


As a Past President of the National Speakers Association Michigan Chapter and a Past National Chair of the NSA Professional Sales Experts Group, John presents timely solutions that really work as a Sales and Communication Expert and Results Coach.

Right from the beginning, John realized that most real estate agents are lazy and not committed to being their best and doing their best. There is little competition for the hungry agent who desires to be successful in any market. Most agents just do enough to survive, let alone thrive. They hardly move and are always going to do something worthwhile... tomorrow. They complain when the market is slow... and they complain when the market is fast with little inventory.

You see, they don't know how to work effectively and be productive. They always rely on better agents to secure inventory so they can show the home to their buyer. And then they mess it up, because they do not know how to sell well, and their buyer loses out.

Guess what... I designed my career so that I don't have to work with the unmotivated pathetic agent as a professional results oriented trainer. I straight-up tell people thinking about taking my programs... if you are lazy and like that, are unwilling to learn, or unmotivated to get out of your silly comfort zone that keeps you playing small... Please, please... do NOT enroll for one of my programs and ruin it for everybody who is success-minded and wanting more from life and work, both personally and professionally.

John Tenza takes what he does seriously... and wants you to enjoy higher levels of success, production and income by using his proven results communication systems.

He walks the talk having disciplined himself for over 3 decades to read 2-3 books cover to cover EVERY WEEK! (Amazon loves him, and the Mail person knows that they will be delivering a stack of books to John every week.)

In addition, John personally has invested over $150,000 of his own money (enough to earn 2 PhD's) to learn from the best about sales, influence, negotiation, listing fsbos, listing expireds, professional marketing that truly works, communicating to different people with respect, asking great questions and really listening with your eyes and ears to what is being said with words and body language, and how and what to say to mature your language and be as professional as possible, being relevant and relatable.

And, you will never be great in your own life unless you can be a leader in who you are and what matters to you. You want to have integrity and be accountable for your words and actions.

Today's buyers and sellers and agents all want the same thing... to work with somebody who has higher skill sets, cares about them, and is not a follower... but an industry leader who generates results that count!


John Tenza believes that an effective agent or manager is a good communicator, builds relationships, serves others effectively and makes a positive difference for the people they work with so they can generate better results!

If you want to get better...if you are tired of almost being good enough... you want John Tenza Coaching and Training you to become a better version of who you are right now!


Get you fear and excuses out of the way and contact John Tenza for a private consultation. Bring your biggest challenge to the conversation so you walk away with Value.

Call John to take your production and profitability to the next level of success!

John Tenza

Text/Cell: 734-994-8400