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John has helped agents, corporate offices, and home-buyers with tremendous results.

I recently experienced John Tenza's Flying Tigers course. Our group was made up of active agents who have been in real estate for some time.

Based on our real time, real life experiences; we asked, we challenged, we prodded, and we pushed back at John's techniques, dialogs and responses. Noting John's mild surprise at our intensity, I told him...
"John, if you are wondering why I/we are tough on you---It's because you have the answers!"

It's true- FINALLY an instructor with real answers beyond a course outline that are useful and usable right now- today!

Take John Tenza's course and coaching. You will be glad you did.


Associate Broker, Advantage Realty

Flying Tigers was thoroughly enjoyable and very worthwhile! Thank you very much!


over $100 Million in Sales in 2015
and over $1 Billion in career sales
John's program taught me ways to better connect with sellers that I have been able to implement into my everyday business and grow my listing inventory!


2016 President of the
Ann Arbor Area Board of Realtors
As a new Realtor, I found Flying Tigers to be invaluable! I gained the confidence and ability to handle unfamiliar situations. After just one class, I was able to give such an effective and powerful listing presentation that the seller chose me over a very experienced top-producing agent!


brand new agent

John, thank you for bringing your energy and 'can do' spirit to our company. Since you began training our sales volume has hit a 20-year company record! And, several individuals have achieved personal best records! These are the fruits of your labor.


The Flying Tigers, as taught by John Tenza, is the BEST training I have EVER attended. I have already earned an additional $100,000 because of this program!


This was the most fascinating, enlightening and informative program I have ever been exposed to. I plan to use what I have learned not only to expand my real estate career, but also my daily life!



John can really motivate people to become Number 1! He is very energetic and extremely knowledgeable about the real estate business and about humanity.

Karen Malnar

This has truly been a fabulous course! Your knowledge...and your humor helped us all learn very effectively. You simply could have not done a better job. You far exceed all other speakers I have heard!”

Olivia Samuels

John has a very unique presentation. He is dynamic, genuine, realistic, convincing, and entertaining. He seems to have a way to get the best out of people. He is fantastic!


Excellent coaching session yesterday; I can tell by how much time I spent out of my comfort zone. I especially appreciated having the chance to observe you as a coach. Your specific ability to point out challenges and places to improve for the entire team, as well as your support was laudable.


John has proven over and over again how valuable his coaching and teaching is for me and my pursuit of my Real Estate Career. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who wants to achieve excellence in their career. He gives valuable advice and direction in overcoming your fears and challenges and inspires you to step out of your comfort zone. His guidance has been and will continue to be my cornerstone aid in challenging myself to become the best and most knowledgeable Realtor I can be to succeed.


Flying Tigers is an essential program for rookie agents and for top agents alike. John helped me discover how to stand out from my competition by implementing his unique communication and customer service approach. It's true! . . . YOU WIN when you get John as your instructor and coach.